McConnell Speaks to Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce, Constituents

Earlier today US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell took a trip to the Warren County Area Technology Center to speak with constituents and the Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce.

McConnell touched on several topics but focused primarily on tax reform and government regulation saying "obviously we do need regulations, no ones talking about not having air traffic controllers or sensible regulations. The question is to what extent are unelected bureaucrats gonna squeeze the life out of what should be a dynamic economy." McConnell also said that while he prefers to get things done on a bipartisan basis, he understands that that’s not always going to be the case, and sometimes a partisan process is necessary. 

The speech in Warren County was stop two of three on the day for McConnell as the Kentucky senator also addressed community and business leaders in Hart and Simpson Counties, sharing his views on how the state of Kentucky is doing overall as well.

McConnell also added that he’s paying close attention to the budget bill currently in the Kentucky Senate.