Man appears in court today over mass stabbing at birthday party

The man accused of stabbing nine people, including six children, at a 3-year old’s birthday party in Boise, Idaho over the weekend is due in court later today. Many of the victims are refugees. Timothy Kinner, 30, appeared in a Boise courtroom to face charges in connection to a mass stabbing at a child’s birthday party.

William Bones, the Boise Police Chief said, "Three year old girl whose birthday it was one of those seriously injured, including two four-year olds, a six-year old, an eight-year old and a 12-year old along with three adults, who tried to intercede."

The attack happened Saturday at an apartment complex that is home to many refugee families. Police say Kinner, who is not a refugee, had been staying at the complex for a short time but was kicked out the day before because of his behavior. 11 year old Fatim and 12 year old Esrom were playing outside when they saw the man approach.  Several of the victims are in life-threatening condition.

"The faces of the parents, struggling, the tears coming down their faces, the faces of the children in the hospital beds will be something that I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life" said Bones.

Police say Kinner has an extensive criminal record, at this time though, there is no evidence that it was a hate crime. The victims include members of refugee families from Syria, Iraq and Ethiopia.  A vigil will be held tonight.