Longtime Housing Authority board member speaks out about surprise reappointment

Long time board member, Hilda Sarver thought her time on the Housing Authority of Bowling Green board was up after she was replaced on Tuesday, but on Thursday she received some unexpected news.

Hilda Sarver has been on the Housing Authority board for 15 years, but on Tuesday at the City Commission meeting, commissioners voted 3 to 2 to replace her.

Bowling Green Mayor, Bruce Wilkerson, who is also on the Housing Authority board not only voted in favor of replacing Sarver, but sponsored the agenda item.

On Thursday, Sarver received news that she would continue serving on the board. A decision that left her speechless…

“I absolutely was shocked cause I didn’t see that coming. Nothing prepared me for that. I didn’t know what to say or how to say it.” says Sarver.

Mayor Bruce Wilkerson says the decision was made after Commissioner Denning and Kathleen Brown, the woman who was appointed to replace Sarver, contacted him about reconsidering the decision.

“You know, Mrs. Brown was very gracious to step aside saying she can’t replace Mrs. Sarver or anything she did, but she was willing to serve on the board at my request. She was more than gracious to step aside to allow Mrs. Sarver to continue.” says Bowling Green Mayor, Bruce Wilkerson.

Mayor Wilkerson says the decision to keep Sarver on the board was also due to the outpouring of positive remarks from the community about Sarver. Something Sarver is more than grateful for.

“I am very grateful and I’m grateful to the folks, the people, that voted for me and that spoke for me. I just can’t explain how that made me feel. My heart just bubbles over.” says Sarver.

Sarver will continue to serve the community on the Housing Authority board for at least the next four years. A position she is truly passionate about.

“I know tears don’t help nothing, but see you have tears of joy, just like you have tears of sorrow, and that’s what I had and that’s what I have now. I’m hoping that I am able to continue this term and not have any problems.” adds Sarver. 

Sarver went on to say she is grateful for Mayor Wilkerson’s decision to reappoint her.