Local Students Compete in ‘Great Shake’ Competition

Bowling Green, KY (WNKY-TV) Some local elementary students used competition to learn valuable business skills this past week. Jody Richards Elementary held their first ever ‘Great Shake’ competition. Students were judged by local business owners on their conversation skills, charisma and hand shakes. The winner was 6th grade student Avery Yates. The kids say they learned some very important skills for when they have a career.

Avery Yates, 6th grade student, says, "I feel like whenever I get older and I do an interview for a job I can be myself because a lot of people at this they
put on a cover and they weren’t themselves because they thought they had to be something else, but I learned from that that didn’t get you through the rounds."

Nailah Nwanguma, 5th grade student, says, "I can you know just talk to people and not be nervous and when I get older I can say hey I did this when I
was younger."