Local artist creates mural as a tribute to her mentor

If you drive on East 12th Avenue in Bowling Green, you’ll notice a great deal of painting done on a local law firm.

However, it’s not vandalism. It’s artwork.

What’s even better is the message the artwork sends to the community.

Beyond that, what it means to the artist behind the creation.

The mural was painted on Rudloff and Rudloff’s Attorneys at Law building.

It’s located on the right side, and the project was led by local artist Andee Rudloff.

The law firm received a grant from the Landmark Association for building improvements.

The firm was once the art studio of Marsha Heidbrink, who mentored Andee to become the artist she is now.

As a tribute to Heidbrink, Andee held a free to the public opportunity where anyone could come and paint the mural.

The mural reflects what Dan Rudloff, the firm’s principal attorney, loves.

Some of those things being Spencer’s coffee, suits and ties.

There’s also dogs and images of community, community being her favorite element.

Andee does have plans to continue growing the mural conversation in the city.

She says if any other local artists want to showcase their work, to join art groups and pursue their passion.

For more of Andee’s work, you can click here to see what other art she’s brought to Bowling Green.