LexArts to showcase ‘Horses of Hope’ Friday; raising tornado relief donations

Funding to benefit WCPS & BGISD

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Earlier this summer, Bowling Green Independence Bank introduced us to their fully-funded art project: one created to showcase grief and fundraise through the power of art. 

Now, this Friday, Keenland will proudly present Bowling Green’s student-created Horses of Hope display. 

LexArts will showcase the Commonwealth’s three Independence Bank-funded Commonwealth Compassion: Horses of Hope during their 50th annual Horse Mania auction.

Donations from both Bowling Green’s Independence Bank’s fundraisers and from auction attendees will go to family resource centers at Warren County Public Schools and Bowling Green Independent Schools.

Warren County Independence Bank President Brad Howard said, “These kids [who painted the horse] got to be really close, and the effort that they did is just absolutely beautiful…. From that point to this point now, we’re going to build to give money back to the school districts and really serve to some of the people that were affected.”

Howard says early December, Bowling Green’s horse will return here to its permanent home. Independence Bank says it’s in the last stages of finalizing where that will be.