KSP urges motorists to be alert for buses as children go back to school

With many schools set to begin across the Commonwealth, Kentucky State Police are urging motorists to be alert for loading and unloading school buses. State police warn they will have increased stationary and moving patrol in school zones and you should be mindful of the restricted speed limits there during the morning and afternoon hours.

Also, a reminder, if a school bus stop arm and signal are down, children are being unloaded.

Passing a loading or unloading school or church bus is a Class B misdemeanor for the first offense and a class a misdemeanor for the second offense.  Any person who violates this law will be subject to being cited or arrested.

Remember, speeding fines are doubled in school zones, and now is also a good time to go over with your children, the laws of crosswalks and looking both ways before crossing.