KSP Releases Free School Safety Video for Educators and Young Students

As a part of the "Safe Schools Program", Kentucky State Police have released a new, free, downloadable video to all schools providing tips for keeping children safe.

It’s designed for preschool to elementary-level students and is meant to prepare young children for a variety of scenarios without frightening them.

KSP Post 3 Trooper Jeremy Hodges explains, “there are over 1,200 schools in the state of Kentucky and obviously we can’t put a state trooper in each school, but what this video does is allow us an opportunity for outreach without having to be there in person.”

The video features several situations such as what to do in the instance of an active shooter, stranger danger, and other safety drills that don’t occur as often in schools.

It’s designed to provide four levels of assistance to aid school officials in establishing or complimenting their current emergency management response plans.

Those levels including on-site visits, target hardening, lock down drills and hands-on role-playing scenarios that simulate an active shooter inside a school.

Click here for the downloadable link.