Kids on the Block educates kids on tough topics

One local organization is educating kids on the realities of harsh topics.

Some of which they endure themselves every day.

That’s why South Central Kentucky Kids on the block is preparing kids at a young age.

To not only be aware of certain dangers, but to voice their concerns in bad times.

How they’re doing this though is incredibly unique.

Kids on the Block teaches 18 different topics to kids.

These are topics most teachers don’t have the time to fit into their curriculum.

Mostly due to subjects like math, science and reading consuming the class time.

Through puppets, kids learn bike safety, water safety, autism and worst of all, child abuse.

Puppeteers use their creativity and skills to paint less frightening pictures of unsafe certain things are.

Kids on the Block reaches a wide range of kids, mostly kindergarten to 6th graders.

They even visit day-cares, educating kids as young as two years old.

For many of the kids, these puppets represent a friend they can go to.

Kids often take time to write private letters to their puppet peers.

Through these letters, kids write down the situations and emotions they experience, good or bad.

In those moments, the puppeteers learn about which kids in the community are facing abuse.

We spoke to the Executive Director of Kids on the Block, Ashley Reynolds.

Fighting back tears, she says the knowledge of kids being abused is tough and overwhelming.

Nevertheless, Reynolds tells us it’s what inspires her to continue reaching kids in the community.

Beyond the puppets, Kids on the Block has several events ahead.

A garden tour set for June, a tennis tournament in July, and a kids run that’s free for all kids to participate in.

For more information on those events and Kids on the Block, visit their website here.