Kentucky State Police Searching for Murder Suspect

Smiths Grove, KY (WNKY-TV) – 51-year-old Dealynn O’Connor was found shot to death on Friday at her residence on Hays Lodge Road. Police say an acquaintance of O’Connor found her. At this time Kentucky State Police are not releasing where or how many times she was shot. But, they say, it was clear right away from the evidence at the scene that it would be a homicide investigation. Police say O’Connor was assaulted back in February in Radcliff, KY in Meade County, where she was found stabbed multiple times on the Mauckport Bridge. Authorities, however, won’t say if the murder is or isn’t directly related to that incident. Police say they will continue searching for suspects and are withholding many details so as not to hinder the investigation. If you have any information, contact KSP at 270-782-2010.