Kentucky Museum showcases kid’s incredible talents

Museums here in Kentucky contain work mostly done by adult artists.

However, the Kentucky Museum in Bowling Green is currently offering a chance to see kid’s artwork.

These kids have not only achieved newfound confidence from their experience but left their mark for all visitors to see.

That’s the Summer Camp Exhibit at the Kentucky Museum.

This exhibit displays artwork completed by kids during the four-week-long camp.

The camp is an annual experience and has taken place for 16 years.

During the month of June, the camp taught kids from the community four types of art.

They learned how to build with clay, paint, draw and even participated in Paper Palooza.

Paper Palooza allowed kids to print on paper, make paper and create paper collages.

Once the camp comes to an end, the kid’s best artwork from the four weeks is chosen to go on display.

This opportunity gives families a chance to see their kid’s work in the museum.

Even more, it also encourages the kids to feel they have a place in the community.

You can view the art we showed you and more until August 17th on the ground floor of the museum.

For more information on the Kentucky Museum’s summer camp or other programs, click here.