Kentucky Down Under at Logan County Public Library

It was a CRIKEY good time today at the Logan County Public Library today.

It was a day full of fun and animals for many children in Russellville. Kentucky Down Under held a special event at the Logan County Public Library.


That’s how Emma Holder describes Kentucky Down Under at the Logan County Public Library.

“I love educating the public and especially young children. I grew up as a really big animal lover, so anytime I can introduce new animals to children it just warms my heart.” says Jade Hammontree, with Kentucky Down Under.

Children of all ages got a chance to learn about a variety of animals that typically can only be seen in the outback.

“So today I brought a python, a leopard spotted tortoise, a hedgehog, a dwarf Cayman, and Kookaburra…a laughing Kookaburra” says Hammontree.

Not only did the children get to learn about animals, they also got the chance to see them up close and pet them.

“I got to pet the animals.” says Joanna Thompson.

“It’s kind of amazing because I have only seen them in pictures and stuff.” says Troy Warden.

Most of the kids said getting to touch the animals was their favorite part of the experience.

“It was weird, they felt like bumpy.” John Holder. 

“The alligator was rough. The snake was kind of rough. I know I liked the bird.” says Marina Leideritz.

Kentucky Down Under officials tell us it’s extremely important to educate children about animals at a young age.

“If you don’t start teaching kids at a young age that we need to respect animals then as they get older they are not going to understand that we need to respect planet earth and we need to respect the animals. I hate seeing unintentional animal abuse and the younger you start kids out respecting animals the better quality of life the animals will have.” adds Hammontree.

Kentucky Down Under is located in the city of Horse Cave.