International Women’s Day Honored Daily at Western Kentucky University

Today is International Women’s Day, but one department at Western Kentucky University celebrates women all the time.

That’s the Diversity and Community Studies Department on WKU’s campus.

This department focuses on educating students on the importance of diversities as well as all genders, not just women.

The inside of the department is filled with artwork by students, event posters and trinkets all symbolizing the empowerment of women.

The Department Head, Dr. Jane Olmsted, tells us that recognizing women should not be a once-a-year occasion.

She says it’s important for women in the Bowling Green community should pursue their education, let their voices be heard and support other women.

Like the women in the "Me Too" movement demonstrated, she’d like to see her students continue to break the silence and shed their fears.

Olmsted also takes pride in educating her students on the value of learning who the women were that laid the foundations of today.

We spoke with one of her graduate students today, Heather Bailey.

Bailey says she admires the women in our history but also feels we should continue to progress forward so women can continue to succeed.

Moving forward, the Department Head hopes to continue to inspire her students to be true to themselves and value their education.