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Analysis shows a lot of money at stake

NEW YORK (AP) — An analysis by The Associated Press shows the huge amount of money Major League Baseball and its players are fighting over to start the coronavirus-delayed season.

The New York Yankees, Houston Astros and Los Angeles Dodgers would each save more than $100 million as part of management’s proposal than they would under the players’ plan.

Set to earn $36 million each, Mike Trout and Gerrit Cole would get $25.3 million under the union’s plan and $5.6 million under the teams’ proposal.

The Yankees would pay players $155 million under the union’s plan and $48 million under management’s proposal.


DENVER (AP) — Some NFL players say they’re scared about returning to practices and games during the coronavirus outbreak.

But they also say they trust the health protocols the league’s medical staff is developing so that practices can resume and games can return. Those safeguards will certainly include frequent tests for COVID-19.

The offseason programs have all been conducted remotely since the NFL shuttered team facilities in March in response to the pandemic.

Coaches have been allowed back into the buildings but players who aren’t recovering from injuries likely won’t be allowed back until training camps begin in July.