Nuggets: Searching for NBA gold at the end of the rainbows

DENVER (AP) — At times, the Denver Nuggets were easy – sometimes, too easy – to love, with their rainbow uniforms, their rumpled grumposaurus of a coach and a defense-optional game plan that kept the scoreboard clicking into the 120s and 130s night after night. At other times, loving them was more difficult, say, during those 50, 60 and 70-loss seasons in the ’90s that installed a revolving door on the coach’s office, or even during a decade-long resurgence in the 2000s. And even now, with the Nuggets the top-seed in the Western Conference, Denver has never seemed to be mistaken for much beyond an NBA novelty. And if there really is gold at the end of all those rainbows, a real Nuggets fan will have to see it to believe it.