Italian police arrest man whose ID helped fugitive mobster

ROME (AP) — Italian police in Sicily say they have arrested the man whose identity was allegedly used by a convicted Mafia boss who became Italy’s No. 1 fugitive during 30 years on the run. Carabinieri police said on Monday evening that Andrea Bonafede had been arrested on a warrant issued by judicial authorities in Palermo. When Mafia boss Matteo Messina Denaro was captured last week at a Palermo clinic where he was receiving chemotherapy, he was using an official identity card with Bonafede’s name but with his own photo. When Messina Denaro was arrested, police also took into custody another man who had driven him to the clinic. Investigators contend that the real Bonafede received money from Messina Denaro to buy a house in western Sicily that served as one of the fugitive’s hideouts.