‘Dumb Money’ goes all in on the GameStop stock frenzy — and may come out a winner

TORONTO (AP) — Think of movies about the financial system and your mind is almost sure to go to Gordon Gekko and “Wall Street” or Leonardo DiCaprio’s gyrating Jordan Belfort in “The Wolf of Wall Street.” When Hollywood takes on Wall Street, it usually heads straight to the C-suite. The protagonist of “Dumb Money,” though, is an amateur investor who trades out of his basement in Massachusetts with a bandana tied around his head. The film chronicles when Keith Gill’s enthusiastic endorsement of GameStop stocked fueled a viral trading frenzy that rocked Wall Street and humbled the hedge funds that has shorted the brick-and-mortar video game company. Sony Pictures is betting that that the David vs. Goliath story can be a big-screen attraction, too.