Aggrieved bettor gets $20,000 in unique horse-doping lawsuit

NEW YORK (AP) — An aggrieved harness-racing bettor has received $20,000 in the settlement of his claims that he was cheated out of his winnings when a doped horse won a race in New Jersey in 2016.  When the bettor filed suit in March 2018, leading figures in harness racing said they had never before heard of such a lawsuit. It accused the trainer of fraud and racketeering. The general practice has been to reallocate the purse to other owners in the event a winning horse is later proven to have been doped, but not to pay back bettors.  Under the settlement, the horse’s trainer and owner have have agreed to pay $20,000 to the bettor, Jeffrey Tretter. He agreed to donate $7,500 of that sum to a racehorse adoption program