Hundreds gather at Families Belong Together march in Bowling Green

From big cities to small towns… people all around the country held rallies this weekend to protest the nearly two thousand migrant children separated from their families at the United States- Mexico border. 

One rally took place right here in South Central Kentucky.

On Saturday morning, hundreds gathered outside of Senator Rand Paul’s office in downtown Bowling Green for the Families Belong Together Rally. 

"I am very opposed to separating children from their parents for misdemeanors, for crossing a land fleeing violence, sexual assault, and corruption." says Ruthanne Foxall, a protester at the event.

Ruthanne was just one of two hundred people that came together to show their opposition to current immigration policies. Many were seen carrying signs and some even shared their own personal stories. 

"I am from El Salvador too and I know how this stuff works and I know how this stuff works and I know how the families have to go through all the troubles and how hard it is to come from another country, to not speak the language and to get jobs here." says Lourdes. a protester at the event. 

According to the event’s Facebook page, the rally was organized to demand the end of a current policy allowing for children to be caged and separated from their families at the border. 

Senator Rand Paul has expressed his disapproval of the separation of families , but many people at the rally say actions speak louder than words.

"I’m upset about not just what’s happening at the borders, but I am upset about us immigration policy in general, and I’m upset about the state of politics in our country. I wanted to come together with a lot of other folks in South Central Kentucky that are upset about those issues too." says John Conley, a protester at the event.

There were more than 700 rallies/ marches held nationwide.