Houchens Industries donates big to Stuff the Bus

While Stuff the Bus wrapped up today, there was still plenty happening at Bluegrass Cellular on Campbell Lane.

This morning Stuff the Bus was gifted with something huge, which of course will benefit students all over South Central Kentucky.

Readying them for their bright futures ahead.

Earlier today school buses made their way to deliver school supplies to local schools.

With help from the community and beyond, Stuff the Bus will give all students a chance to succeed.

It will also help them be as prepared as the students around them, so they can be whoever they choose to be.

Today, Houchens Industries was on hand to top that all off.

They gifted Stuff the Bus a check for 10,000 dollars financed by donations when customers purchased from their stores.

Houchens is one of the many local businesses that contributed to Stuff the Bus.

For them, using their resources to make a difference in local kid’s lives is worth every penny.

While the school buses are out delivering the supplies, Tony rose and the many volunteers are allocating everything they’ve raised.

They will share the total of this year’s donations tomorrow.

Be sure to stay tuned on our website, for that information.

Thank you to everyone who helped make Stuff the Bus successful heading into its 14th year.