Hosparus Health is seeking compassionate volunteers

No one is ever prepared for a family member to need hospice care.

Or for that family member to pass away.

That’s why Hosparus Health of Barren River is asking for compassionate people.

They are recruiting volunteers who want to help families get through their difficult moments but need the proper training first.

That’s why today Hosparus Health held their volunteer training session, or Hosparus 101.

During the session, interested volunteers receive an overview of the services Hosparus provides.

They then discuss how to have compassionate communication with those they care for as well as having empathy for the patients.

During the session, the tough subject of grief is addressed as well.

Grief and emotional discomfort are the main reasons many people shy away from volunteering.

However, the need for volunteers is still great and important.

Volunteer Manager Jessica Briley tells us having volunteers to invest in the patients makes their lives better.

Briley says it can also change and impact the volunteer’s life in a positive way.

For anyone interested in becoming a volunteer, today was not the only opportunity to receive training.

Another session will take place next month.

The exact date is September 25th, 2018.

The session will roughly last from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Light refreshments and lunch will be provided to those who attend.

For more information on Hosparus and what they provide, click here for their main website.