Horse Cave Residents Fearful of the Government Taking Their Homes

Multiple options are being considered to help ease the traffic that comes through the small community of Horse Cave, but one option could push multiple families out of their homes.

Five options are being considered to help traffic flow better through and around Horse Cave, but the widening of West Main Street would leave multiple families displaced.

Now residents, many of which are disabled veterans, are concerned about their futures.

"Well the ones I have talked to, they’ve said that they own these homes and they do not want to move, do not want to relocate and this is where they chose to live. With the road coming through this way. It would eliminate the north side of the street. They would demolish them and widen the road." says Ricky Alvey, the 2nd District Magistrate. 

"They’re saying it’s too premature to talk about it, but it’s not premature to us., it’s our homes. We may not be able to get another home if they do this." says Jose Cabrero, a concerned resident on West Main and disabled veteran.

Jose and his partner found out their home may be demolished just last week at a meeting. The news of possibly losing his home… left him shaken.

"I couldn’t sleep that night. I really could not sleep that night thinking they might take this away from us with eminent domain. If you don’t like it too bad, we’re going to take it any how." adds Cabrero.

"I am in extremely bad shape as far as my health is concerned and disabled. I deal with M.S. and I have cancer. Moving is so difficult." says Vernon Payne, Cabrero’s partner and disabled veteran.

The widening of West Main Street would cost the state around six million dollars less than the other four options being considered, but one resident says having to move out of his home could cost him his life.

"I am afraid and the reason I am afraid is that like other veterans, if you force me to move from where I feel comfortable, it could kill me." says Don Belles, a concerned resident and disabled veteran.

We do not know when a decision will be made, but the Mayor of Horse Cave, Randall Curry, did tell us nothing is set in stone right now and all options are being considered.