Historic Biopic Being Shot in Bowling Green

A taste of Hollywood has reached Bowling Green. 

That’s because production on a new film is happening right here in the city, and the story behind it is a powerful one. 

Over at the Historic Rail-Park and Train Museum, the last day of filming is underway for the biopic, "The Silent Natural."

The movie, based on a true story, takes place in the 1880s, telling the story of a famous baseball player, William Ellsworth "Dummy" Hoy.  

Many credit Hoy, who was deaf, for developing the hand signals used to this day by umpires in baseball games.

We spoke to the young actor playing "Dummy" Hoy, Miles Barbee, who is also deaf in real-life.

He tells us being chosen for the role is groundbreaking because he understands the oppression and challenges "Dummy Hoy" faced as a normal person.

Several big name celebrities and community leaders were on set today.

One notable actor was Branscombe Richmond from the 1992 film "Renegade" who is one of the Producers of the film.

Also, Cave City’s Mayor was on hand to witness the production, telling us the economic impact of having films shot in Kentucky is substantial.

Filmmakers did say the purpose of this biopic is not only to educate the community on Dummy Hoy, but to inspire the deaf community that nothing can hold them back from their dreams.

They hope using Miles Barbee, a deaf actor, will set the example for them as well as anyone who sees the biopic.

The Executive Producer, David Risotto, says we can expect the film in theaters in spring of 2019, when baseball season hits.