Heads or Tails? Coin flip determines Democratic nominee

Heads or tails?

This morning, a coin flip determined who will be the Democratic nominee for a Logan County race. Boyce Coles and Berry Perkins both received 193 votes a piece in the primary election, and as Kentucky State law stands, the tie-breaker must be a coin flip for two candidates or a pulling of straws for three.

With officials and the public as witnesses, two pieces of paper with "heads" or "tails" written on them were placed into separate envelopes and shuffled. 

As Boyce Cole’s last name comes first in alphabetical order, he had the pick of the envelopes and then County Clerk, Scottie Harper, flipped a never-been-used silver dollar for the tie-breaker.

Landing on tails, Cole’s comes out the winner for the Democrat District 5 Magistrate nominee.

He will go on to run against Republican Robert Chyle in the November election.