Grandmother is freed from life sentence by President Trump

A 63-year old grandmother is free today after serving two decades for a drug crime. Alice Johnson was freed with the help of a reality star who made a personal appeal to the President. Adriana Diaz is near Johnson’s new home in Memphis.

Alice Johnson saw the sun rise, as a free woman. The great grandmother was serving a life sentence without parole for being part of a cocaine trafficking ring. She arrived home in Memphis Wednesday night, where her extended family was waiting.

Johnson’s release was set in motion by reality star Kim Kardashian West. She got interested in Johnson’s case in October and made her appeal to President Trump last week. President Trump tweeted this morning, good luck to Alice Johnson. Have a wonderful life. 

Alice Marie Johnson told CBS, that she "would tell President Trump thank you so much. I am going to be the one that is going to make you so proud."

For now she’s focused on reuniting with family and friends. White House said in a statement it will always be tough on crime, but that some people deserve a second chance.