Glasgow teenager charged with assaulting a police officer

A Glasgow teenager is charged with assaulting a police officer.

Glasgow Police Officer Tery Flatt explains, “this right here is a prime example—you know, broad daylight, two o’clock in the afternoon, I mean you just never know from a police standpoint who you’re dealing with.”

Flatt says the incident occurring Thursday in Glasgow is a prime example what can happen on any call, especially domestic violence calls.

Police say they were dispatched to Aaron’s Rental Center around two p.m. Thursday on reports of just that in the parking lot.

Once on the scene the victim told police she and the suspect—her boyfriend—Kasey Hatcher, 19, had gotten into an altercation but was able to break free and call authorities from inside the business.

“He became very aggressive,” Officer Flatt says, “they were able to get him patted down at first and put one of the handcuffs on one of his arms, but at that point in time he jerked away from our officer and began striking our officer with the handcuff.”

The officer was able to get Hatcher back under his control, but not all are so lucky.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations, in 2016 there were over 57,000 officers assaulted on the job and while some of those walk away unharmed, they all take the chance that a call like that one could be their last.

“You try to mentally prepare but you never know what you’re dealing with, especially domestic violence calls,” Officer Flatt explains, “whether there’s weapons involved, or alcohol or drug related.”

Police charged Hatcher with numerous offenses, including fourth-degree assault of an officer—a Class D felony carrying a possibility of one to five years in prison.

Hatcher is lodged in the Barren County Corrections Center.