Garden is Changing Lives at Barren County Detention Center

A garden is changing the lives for inmates at the Barren County Detention Center and this year they plan to expand. 

The garden sits outside the tall brick walls of the jail and while it may be empty right now, when April comes around it will be full of hope and produce.

"Yeah, I am really looking forward to it for the outside time and it’s something good to keep me busy" says Scott Marrs, an inmate at the jail. 

The garden started in partnership with Western Kentucky University and creates a valuable productive learning experience for the inmates.

"It gives them tools to use and it takes tension out of the jail when they get to get outside and work in the garden. They get to see productivity out of it and see they had a part of it. It actually makes their stay easier in a sense." says Tracy Bellamy, the Barren County Jailer. 

Inmates will spend around five or more hours a day planting and harvesting produce which will then be a major part of their diet. 

"I think its something good for us here at the jail. It’s a good change to get fresh food." says Marrs. 

Bellamy also says some inmates who helped with the garden in the past, began gardening as a hobby when they were released.