Garden in Glasgow offers hope to the community

Right behind the Bunche Community Center in Glasgow there is a garden… a garden of hope for the community.

The garden was formed three years ago not only to provide free food, but to teach the community how to grow their own food and how eat healthy.

“I think it’s important share with people how to grow food to begin with, healthy food that’s healthy for the body, but that’s also healthy for the environment. That’s the type of gardening and growing we are trying to promote and teach here.” says Josh Johnson, a farmer and Agriculture Scientist. 

The garden was made to produce a variety of fruits, herbs and veggies for the community.

Each year the garden expands and feeds even more members of the community. For nutrition educator and Glasgow native, Latoya Drake, it’s important to her to give back to the community.

“Not only is this an education garden, it’s a garden to serve people in our community who are food unsure or hungry. We want the hungry to know that they are welcome here anytime. We just want you to pull a couple of weeds while you’re here, but come out, take some squash, some tomatoes, whatever you’re welcome to it." says Drake.

Every Wednesday  the volunteers gather here to get their hands dirty, but most importantly to help their community.

For the volunteers it’s much more than just a garden. It’s a place to learn, grow and help others.

“I know it helps people but I can also give back, but its also a learning experience for me.” says Kaitlin Godsuy, a local volunteer.

If you’re interested…you can help with the garden every Wednesday from 8 to 10 a.m.