Free Lunch Held at Warren County Elementary Schools

Today, all of Warren County schools were closed for the day due to teachers calling in sick.

That’s as teachers headed to Frankfort, Kentucky today to advocate for the future of the education system.

While teachers were absent from school today, the students were not forgotten.

So Warren Elementary School, Briarwood, Lost River, Bristow and Natcher Elementary Schools held a free lunch in their cafeterias.

From 11 to 12:30 PM, anyone in the community under the age of 18 was invited to come get a free lunch at all five locations.

But the students at Warren Elementary School didn’t come just to chow down.

At 11:30 AM, the students who came were sent out into the community with adults to deliver lunches to those who couldn’t make it.

We spoke to Gina Howard, the Nutrition and Dining Director for Warren County Schools.

She tells us the importance of providing an opportunity like today was to remind the children in the community they matter.

Howard also says their goal was to give students a nutritious option for lunch for those who are not always able to have one.

While the lunch ended around 12:30 PM, the message still resonates that the youth and education system matter.

Teachers are expected to return to classes on Monday, but if not we will keep you updated on-air and on our social media.