Findings of WKU faculty work life survey released

The findings of a 2017-2018 faculty work life survey were recently released, and the results are a bit startling when it comes to overall morale of the faculty at Western Kentucky University.

The survey, which covered the fall 2017 and spring 2018 semesters, found that WKU faculty morale was ranked "poor" or "very poor" by more than 80 percent of faculty members.

The survey asked faculty several questions about tenure, workload and workload satisfaction, their opinion on President Caboni, as well as former Provost David Lee.

Out of 515 total responses, 184 said morale was poor while an additional 188 found morale to be very poor.

While the survey found most faculty members to be satisfied with both Caboni and Lee’s efforts, 30 percent of faculty disagreed that the board of regents made academics a top priority.

Another 130 thought the board was not upholding, quote "Its responsibility to ensure that the institution’s resources are dedicated to the institution’s mission…"