DUI Crashes Up by 45% in Warren County

Bowling Green, KY (WNKY-TV) – Alcohol related crashes increased by 45 percent in Warren County, and we’ve still got nearly two months before the year ends. According to the Warren County Sheriff’s Department, there have been 13 more DUI-related crashes in 2016, two of which just occurred last weekend. One of those accidents resulted in a death and 23 others resulted in serious injuries. Authorities say these numbers are frustrating. While it’s tough to determine an exact reason for the increase, they believe it’s from failure to plan ahead, like for alternative transportation, instead of driving buzzed or drunk. Officials say have a designated driver and think about the consequences before getting behind the wheel when drinking. When asked what they are doing to combat the issue, deputies say they are simply educating the public, especially young drivers, about the dangers of drinking and driving. 

"Part of our strategies and objectives and activities are to educate young drivers on the effects of intoxicated driving, distracted driving all of those things play into the loss of lives on our highways. The intoxicated drivers that only walk away with criminal charges and financial loss are the lucky ones," says Steve Harmon with the Warren County Sheriff’s Department.