Don’t let them become statistics: move over and save KY roadside emergency responders

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – With spring break travel right around the corner for many, Kentucky law enforcement asks you to please Move Over and Save Lives, especially with so much heavy construction on our I-65.

Roadside workers and rescuers across the nation continue to face alarming rates of injury and death due to vehicle collisions. According to Responder Safety, 51 emergency responders lost their lives last year alone.

Kentucky law requires drivers to move over for both stationary and approaching emergency vehicles on the road. Drivers must vacate the closest lane to the emergency vehicle if possible, or reduce speed to a safe level if changing lanes is not an option.

Woodburn Volunteer Fire Department Chief Bob Skipper said, “All of us have to operate on the shoulders of the road to clear an accident or to fix something that’s happened…. And I see reports every week of firefighters and police officers being hurt or killed because someone didn’t pay attention and ran into an accident scene.”

Kentucky’s Move-Over Law applies to a range of emergency vehicles with flashing lights, including police, fire, ambulance, tow trucks, and utility vehicles.