Donating Breast Milk is Available at the New York Milk Bank

More women are turning to donated breast milk to feed their babies.

Many use milk banks, where women can donate breast milk for other women to feed their babies, but as breast milk becomes more popular, some women are turning to social media in hopes of getting the milk for free.

Breast milk is hot commodity these days:

Dr. Lorelei Michaels’ Albany practice focuses on breast feeding medicine and helps moms like Sara Dewitt.

Some moms who have trouble breast-feeding turn to donated breast milk.

They get it from hospitals or doctors like Dr. Lorelei who works with the New York Milk Bank.

They screen milk donors and pasteurize breast milk – but it can be expensive.

Or per 3-4 ounces. newborns need up to 30 per day, which adds up when insurance doesn’t pay.

As demand for breast milk grows, more women are getting it through social media for free.

Dr. Lorelei’s office is a drop-off point for the New York milk bank.