Dogs Day Out has safety tips for your pets on Halloween

Halloween is a fun time for families and their kids.

However, one member of the family that can be forgotten about is our dogs.

While they are adorable dressed up, their reactions to trick or treaters could be ugly.

Don’t worry, we have tips for you to keep them happy.

According to Shelley Williams, the Manager of Dogs Day Out, the first tip to keep in mind is trick or treaters.

While the kids that come to the door may be gentle, they can still be startling to your pets.

Unfamiliar guests at your home can make your dog skittish and act out, sometimes even resort to biting out of fear.

Not keeping your dog contained or leashed can also cause your dog to bolt out of the door.

No one wants to spend Halloween looking for their dog in the dark and rain.

Lastly, be sure that if you’re walking your dog, to use a light-up leash.

Traffic will be heavy and we want to keep your pets from being hit.

Williams also tells us that although it may be common sense, she wants to stress not feeding your Halloween candy.

If you’re going to dress them up in costumes be sure they are pet-friendly and not too tight around their bodies.

Most importantly, have fun!