Couple Sells Nearly Everything to Sail Around the World, Boat Crashes Second Day

A Colorado couple is just happy to have each other, after their boat crashed and sank in the ocean.

The couple says they sold most of their possessions, and packed all their belongings in to that boat, so when it went down, so did their life’s possessions…and also part of their dreams.

Sun had set off the Florida coast when they ran into their nightmare.

Nikki Walsh and Tanner Broadwell were on their second day of a trip around the world, when their boat crashed.

They sold nearly everything they owned to buy the boat – and it was sinking fast.

The couple grabbed some money, their social security cards, and their pug, Remy.

All three survived, but as video from the next morning showed – all of their life’s possessions were lost.

The couple didn’t have insurance, didn’t have jobs, and only had enough savings for a few months.

Now left with next to nothing – the couple said they are simply happy to have each other, amid a trying time.

They say they now have to pay upwards of 10 thousand dollars to remove the boat from the ocean, and then to have it properly destroyed.

They’ve set up a go-fund-me to help with the costs and say this won’t stop them from retrying their dream of sailing the sea in the future.