Community honoring the work of nurses all week long

Today is national school nurses day one of the many days this week that nurses are being recognized for their work in the medical field as a part of national nurses week.

They’re individuals who spend their working days helping others from late night shifts to extremely long work weeks nurses play an important role in healthcare. That’s why this week is being recognized as national nurses week, and today specifically being national school nurse day and for Dishman McGinnis Elementary nurse Abby Ruck this job is a dream come true. Ruck likes to consider herself a mom to the 450 kids at the school, saying that they are her favorite part of being a nurse at the school.

One local business is also doing its part to recognize National Nurses Week its fourth annual tent sale as a way of thanking and giving back to people who take care of so many others. Green River Scrubs owner, Tangie Styvers, says she started this event as a way to offer cheap scrubs for nurses, offering free food, games and massages to help them relax during their time off.

If you see a nurse any time this week or happen to know one, make sure to thank them for all of their hard work in helping the sick and injured.