Cold Weather Can Leave Your Car on the Side of the Road

The cold weather affects your car and you may not notice until it’s too late. WNKY News’ Cecilia Herrell found what you can do to keep your car safely on the road this winter. 

Starting your car is usually the first thing you do, but the cold weather can cause your car to have trouble starting. 

When frigid temperatures strike it’s time to check your car’s battery.

Something else you may notice is low tire pressure. The cold weather causes tire pressure to decrease.  

Make sure your car’s heating system is ready to keep you warm with plenty of antifreeze.

Lastly, make sure your wipers are ready to handle snow and ice. They should be changed every summer and winter. 

Purchase DE-icers, scrapers, and other items that can help you battle the winter weather, so you aren’t left in the cold.