CDC: Not enough Kentuckians are exercising

According to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control, Kentucky ranks near the very bottom of the list for exercise.

The study looked at adults ages 18-64 and whether they meet the federal guidelines for aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities. 

According to the study, only 14.6% of Kentuckians meet those requirements, coming in at number 49 in the nation. 

Griffin Smith, the fitness manager at Total Fitness in Bowling Green, says the number is alarming and more people need to start taking care of their bodies.

"We’ve had people that are on 4-5 different blood pressure medications. They come in, workout 30 minutes a day, and all of the sudden, they are off the medications," said Smith. "In terms of saving money and helping the body, exercise is all you can do. You have to protect yourself." 

Nationwide, the study shows only 23% of Americans are getting enough exercise.

Colorado topped the list with nearly 33% of its population exercising properly, while Mississippi ranked last.