Car Seat Safety Matters holds biyearly event

South Central Kentucky parents had the opportunity to get their car seats checked by professionals over the weekend for safety and secure installation.

The event was held at the Gott Fire Station on Porter Pike. Participants who attended were treated to a free safety check on their car seats.

Those who owned a car seat deemed unsafe, meaning missing parts, expired or recalled, were given a brand new car seat for free.

The event gives the parents not only peace of mind when they drive their little ones around, but also more education on the importance of safe transportation practices.

Misti Wilson, president of Car Seat Safety Matters, says that many people are driving with unsafe car seats and don’t even know it.

The event also featured free dental screenings from Sky Pediatrics and Kids on the Block featured some of their puppets.

To learn more about Car Seat Safety Matters visit their website,