Business Growth Brings New Jobs to Barren County

Barren County is growing! In this year alone four businesses are expanding in Barren County and one new business just opened their doors. New companies and growth mean more jobs. 

Since 2015, Judge Executive, Micheal Hale, has worked with local companies to help them expand in Barren County. 

"We are tagged as an agricultural county, that is our biggest industry, but we have automotive and pharmaceutical." says Hale.

Companies are building new and bigger facilities in Barren County to accommodate all the growth. Hale believes businesses are attracted to the area because of the workforce development initiative.

"We just recently became a work ready county. We’ve been a work ready county in progress for about six years now. We just recently became work ready and that tells people, hey they have the work force to fill these jobs if we bring our company here" says Hale.

The unemployment rate in Barren County has gone down to 4.2% since 2015. One long time resident, Angela Briggs, is excited about the growth.

"Well you know, I think here in Barren County, We are doing some things. We’re taking what industry needs and combining that with the skills we have and the people we have. We’re trying to find a way to bring those things to the middle as far as workforce. Take our people and meet the needs and I think that’s shown with the recent expansions. I think people are realizing we are doing big things in Barren County. When it comes to places to put your business, I mean where else would you want to put it?" says Briggs.

All the expansions will create over 90 new jobs in Barren County.

The companies include: Federal Mogul Motorparts with 55 new jobs, My Visual Package with 10 new jobs, Lynx Labeling with 10 new jobs, Froedge Machine and Supply Co. with 10 new jobs, and QMS with 6 new jobs.