BREAKING – Nunes Memo to Be Released

President Trump has agreed to declassify a controversial memo, over the objections of his top law enforcement officials.

The president tweeted this morning:  "The top leadership and investigators of the FBI and the justice department have politicized the sacred investigative process in favor of democrats and against republicans."

The memo – written by republican congressman Devin Nunes – reportedly claims the FBI and department of justice abused surveillance of Trump campaign officials as part of it’s Russia probe.

The FBI has pushed back saying it has grave concerns about the memo’s accuracy.

White House officials say the president is releasing the memo – in full, without any changes.  It has been sent back to the house intelligence committee for its release.

Democrats say Nunes cherry picked different classified elements to put a partisan slant on the investigation.

FBI director Christopher Wray is likely to issue a rebuttal when – or if – the memo is released.