Boys & Girls Club receives $25,000 grant

Recently the Boys and Girls Club of Franklin-Simpson received a $25,000 grant from Kentucky Downs.

“To have the support of Kentucky Downs and to make a donation of $25,000 is huge. It’s huge for our Boys and Girls Club and for our community.” says Jef Goodnight, the CEO of the club.

Jef says Kentucky Downs has been a huge supporter of the club since they opened. The grant will benefit many aspects of the club including the programs.

“We are also going to put several of it towards programs. Especially our teens, with our new teen center. We are looking at getting our teens into doing pod-casts and things like that. A newspaper and an article that they write on a club alum and see where they are at. That type of thing.” 

Not only will this money benefit the various programs at the club, it will also be used at Christmas time.

“We give a list to our kids. You know, we ask them for one toy that they would like and we get clothes sizes and things like that. So they get a toy and some things they really actually need at Christmas time. Kids get a gift, they get to open it, it’s very exciting and for some of our kids that might be the only Christmas they get.” 

Jef credits the club’s growth and success to the community.

“It has to be supported by the community. The great thing about Franklin and Simpson County is they are very much behind the Boys and Girls Club. You can see the difference we have made in the 11 years we have been here.”

The club gives kids a place to go after school and keeps them out of trouble. Jef says this wouldn’t happen without the support of the community.

Jef says he is grateful for all the support Kentucky Downs has shown the club over the past decade.