Bowling Green Murder Suspect Arrested in Nebraska

Stanton, Nebraska (WNKY-TV) – The man accused of shooting and killing a Bowling Green man earlier this month has been apprehended in Nebraska.
The Stanton County Nebraska Sheriff’s Office along with the U.S. Marshals Service arrested 34-year-old Maurice Candies at late Wednesday night in Stanton, Nebraska. Candies was found hiding in a bathroom cabinet at a residence in the Nebraska town. He faces murder charges after allegedly shooting and killing 39-year-old Derek Lewis on Fair Street in Bowling Green on August 1st. He is currently being held in Nebraska while awaiting extradition to Bowling Green. Detectives from the Bowling Green Police Department are on their way to Nebraska to interview Candies, but he must first appear in court there before heading back to the city.

"He’ll have to appear in court there and they’ll begin the extradition proceedings, which are relatively quick. Then they’ll decide who, when and how he’ll be picked up in Nebraska and brought here," says Ronnie Ward with the Bowling Green Police Department.