Bowling Green Business Training Officers in Digital Forensics

Bowling Green, KY (WNKY-TV) – Kentucky-based law enforcement personnel, as well as police officers from nearby states rely on a Bowling Green-based business to get digital forensics training in their ongoing battles against crime. Millstone Labs on Nashville Road brought in its software partner, BlackBag Technologies, to train law enforcement officers and detectives. The training teaches them methods for finding evidence in cell phones, computers, tablets and other electronic devices. Current participants include police from Kentucky, Tennessee and Texas. Millstone Labs CEO Mike Lemon says that in the twenty-first century, digital evidence can be used to gain information about virtually any crime. "Whether it’s a homicide, whether it’s a child exploitation, whether it’s a car break-in, there’s going to be digital evidence in there somewhere. And so we’re training these officers, from agencies from over a hundred to one-person agency how to find that evidence," says Lemon.