Darius Mack


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Darius Mack joined the News 40 Weather team in August 2020. His career started while still a college student at Western Kentucky University. Before joining News 40, Darius was involved in the college campus’s news station while attending Meteorology courses. Darius graduated with a degree in Meteorology in 2021.

His passion for weather started at a young age, when he witnessed the destructive force of intense winds during a thunderstorm one summer day. Since then, Darius became deeply fascinated with stormy weather, but also appreciates calm weather days. His goal is to educate, inform, and effectively communicate the weather to viewers.

Outside of the weather, Darius enjoys spending time with friends, running, and traveling.

Meteorologist Darius Mack can be seen weekdays providing local weather forecasts on SOKY Sunrise at 6am, and SOKY@NOON.