Candace Price

Multimedia Journalist

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Candace Price is a multimedia journalist at WNKY News. She is from the San Francisco Bay area and joined the WNKY team in January 2019. Candace showed interest in journalism while still in high school, writing and editing for her school’s paper. While attending college, she worked as a freelance reporter. During her senior year, she interned at CBS News, Chicago. After college, she went on to produce an HBO Latino award-winning film called Pescadora, directed by Daniel García. After the project finished filming in Peru, she returned to California to intern at Fox News in Sacramento, CA. Candace spent time traveling throughout the United States, Central, and South America while finding work as a freelance journalist for various newspapers. After time spent traveling, she again returned to California to work as a producer and editor at CBS Radio in San Francisco, CA. She is happy to be apart of the Bowling Green community and aspires to tell stories that matter and make a difference.