BGFD Assisting in Fighting Eastern KY Wildfires

Bowling Green, KY (WNKY-TV) – The Bowling Green Fire Department is doing its part to help fight wildfires in Eastern Kentucky. Eight firefighters have been sent to battle the blazes, four earlier this week and four on Wednesday. With a number of fires currently burning, the Kentucky Division of Forestry has called on fire departments across the state to assist in putting out the wildfires. In order to be eligible to go, a firefighter must have completed a wildland awareness course. "You know, we’ve got over fifteen thousand acres that are burned already, and I think they feel that need to go and do something. So that’s just a way that they can go over and offer some assistance. You know, there’s a lot of people that are working on this, and we’re just eight people, but if we can make a difference then it’s all worth it," says Marlee Boenig of the Bowling Green Fire Department.