BG man charged with robbery, accused of threatening victim with box cutter for cigarette

A Bowling Green man is charged with first-degree robbery following accusations he threatened another man with a box-cutter for not giving him a cigarette.

According to the arrest report, the victim told police Lester May, 61, approached him around 3 p.m. Sunday on East 12th avenue and said “give me a cigarette.”

The victim tells police when he told May the one he was smoking was his last one, May got within arms length, pulled out a box cutter, and threatened to cut him.

Police say the victim handed over the cigarette and they found May around 30 minutes later, walking out of an apartment, smoking a cigarette.

The report states May had a box cutter attached to his pocket with a clip, but denied making any verbal or physical threats.

He’s charged with first-degree robbery, which is a felony.