Beshear Goes To Twitter To Speak Against Teacher Bill

Thursday evening, the Kentucky Senate passed bill 151 by a vote of 22-15. Hours after the house narrowly passed the bill. That bill now heads to governor Matt Bevins desk. A bit of back story, a house committee first passed Senate Bill 151, which was originally filed as an act related to wastewater services, by an 11-8 vote. Many Democrats voiced their opposition to the rushed vote on a nearly 300 page bill handed to lawmakers just minutes before the committee meeting. Representative Jim Wayne of Louisville even shared concerns the bill may be illegal.

Beshear took to Twitter following the vote last night, saying they violated the inviolable contract. Forcing lawmakers to vote on the bill without time to read the nearly 300 pages, with no public testimony and with no word of how much if any this will save. He called this government at it’s worst. And goes on to State the House and Senate broke their word but he’s going to keep his, he’s going to stop Senate Bill 151. That’s just a clip of about a two minute video he posted to Twitter. He goes on to explain in it further detail what exactly the inviolable contract is, how its been violated, and that his office will file suit to turnover some, if not all, of this bill they can.