Behind the Scenes: Predicting the Weather

Weather is the topic of conversation since we have a winter weather watch right now, but a lot goes into predicting the your forecast before you ever see it on TV.

WNKY News’ Cecilia Herrell sat down with Meteorologist, Jessica Dobson, to learn how it all works.

It was 63 degrees one day this week and now we are under a winter storm watch. 

Jessica spends hours researching various weather models to give you an accurate forecast. 

It’s important for viewers to first understand the difference between a watch and a warning. 

A watch is something Meteorologists are keeping an eye on that may or may not happen in the future. A warning is something that is happening or for sure going to happen very soon. 

The main purpose of these weather watches and warnings is to keep the public informed, safe and prepared. 

Before it ever appears on your screen there is a lot of science and hours of research behind every weather forecast. 

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